Hope for Heart Patients

Hope for Heart Patients


Heart disease kills more people in the United States than any other condition, but the new technology and medicines are on the way, the millions of patients who could benefit.


Nearly 27 million people in the US have heart disease. It is also a condition that. The country to $ 313 billion per year cost of health costs some of the greatest advances in medical technology, however, this year focused on reducing disease burden of the cardiovascular.


“As the increasing ratio cause of death invested in the United States, a large amount of time and money in new treatments for heart disease,” said Dr. Steven Nissen, chairman of the department of cardiology at the Cleveland Clinic. “During 2015 several innovative technologies developing rapidly, that the treatment of certain heart patients safer could make it more effective, using Heart Formula before having a look on Heart Formula Reviews is more cheaper in some cases.”


1st bio-resorbable stents


A stent is a small tube that is inserted into the narrowed artery to restore blood flow and keep the blood vessel open. The latest advances in stent implantation are tested in clinical trials with bio-absorbable stent, which is made from a special material which will eventually break down and decompose after work was completed. You can think of it as “dissolve” stitches. The expectations for this is that they have problems such as rest enosis (blood vessels are narrowed again), avoid long-term clot formation and the need for anti-clotting drugs. It is also this message stent is hoped greatly reduce the chronic inflammatory processes generally triggered by a foreign object in the body.


“Some of the innovative technology is evolving rapidly its called Heart Formula reviews, that the treatment of certain heart patients safer could make it more effective and cheaper in some cases.”


  1. The replacement valve without surgery


Tran catheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) is an important advance for the treatment of valvular heart disease, because it can replace the aortic valve without major surgery doctors. A catheter is placed in the femoral artery (in the groin) is similar to the angioplasty and guided into the chambers of the heart. A compressed tissue heart valves are mounted on a balloon catheter or sheath and positioned directly in the diseased aortic valve. Once in direction, the balloon is inflated to deploy the valve in place. Never Opened chest, so that the older residents or people who have difficulty would have to withstand major surgery to receive a replacement valve, which otherwise they would not be, would be able to. TAVR began in specialized centers, but now it has entered the mainstream, partly because the smaller valve is used, which makes it easier and safer TAVR.

cholestrol levels

  1. A new way to lower cholesterol


In the last 20 years, the statin drugs in reducing the cholesterol levels in heart patients effectively. They were shown to reduce by 35 percent the risk of heart attack and stroke. However, some patients cannot tolerate statins or cannot say enough of them to take to get their cholesterol to a safe level. Instead, a new class of drugs that moves significantly forward to help these patients. Called Heart Formula natural supplement, these new drugs taken by injection every two weeks or once a month. They have been shown to reduce by 50 or 60 percent bad cholesterol. The FDA is expected this year to approve first Heart Formula natural supplement for reverse heart disease.



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